CONFERENCES (2005, 2007 & 2011)


Jane spoke at all three conferences which were very successful and well attended with over 500 people attending at each event.


‘Truth is freedom’ - photograph of 2005 conference.


Saturday & Sunday 6th and 7th October 2007 Held in the YMCA, St Albans Road, St Anne’s on Sea, Near Blackpool

Saturday Talks

Jo Ann Richards - USA - Editor of ‘Ecobyte News Magazine.’ A first time appearance in the UK for Jo Ann. Aliens in battles in deep space and over the China Seas. Subject ‘Aliens and Battles.’

Jane McCarthy (Wales) A National and International speaker. Jane’s research work over the past 20 years into the connection between the Energy Lines, Orbs, Dimensions and Ufos - Jane’s presentation will include psychic investigations which include paranormal orb photographs, video footage and psychic art. Investigations have proved that ‘True Life is Stranger Than Fiction.’

Ian Crane - (UK) A meticulous researcher and vibrant speaker who reveals the undisclosed belief system of the elite? Subject ‘You can fool me once.’

Howard Middleton (Indiana) Jones (Wales) Recent discoveries in Egypt mainly relating to the pyramids and other excavations that are never put into the news and how the finds effect our understanding of our past origins. Howard’s intriguing experiences with the Coptic community in Egypt. Subject ‘New discoveries in Egypt - what it means to our past origins - Black operations in the Red Desserts.’

Sunday Talks

Mark Richards (USA) Ex-Astronaut and Scientist. Mark was educated at Cambridge UK. Ties to the British military and their involvement in various international intelligence activities, historical backgrounds about secret bases and underground facilities around several parts of the world. Subject ‘Knights of the Cold War!’

Mark W Foster (UK) Mark is a clinical hypnotherapist and mind performing coach. He will be looking at the now proven link between the mind, vibrations and our physical reality. Over the last five years Mark has been exploring the unseen world of quantum performance, the level at which most profound changes initially occur. Subject ‘Law and Attraction and The Quantum Connection.’

Clint Denyer (UK) Presentation ‘The unseen we see’ which will include a tribute to Dean Warwick and will cover a lot of areas he wanted to talk about and many of the areas that cross over into the research that Clint is covering. It will be at interesting lecture. Not to be missed.

Tony Gosling (UK) Illuminati, Bilderbergs - A unified conspiracy theory. Looking at the 18th Century Illuminati and their modern day spiritual, financed and political organ the Bilderbergs. Tony Gosling Ex-BBC reporter will explain what he believes they have planned for the world. Subject ‘What can we do to escape their clutches.’

Probe Conferences in Blackpool are undertaken in March and October each year.

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