Fairy Photographs

Paranormal fairy photograph taken in a Clairvoyant Service in Llanbradach Spiritualist Church

th_168_big_1_02[1]Llanbradach is a small village in South Wales. It is nestled in hills covered in trees and it is out of the way of any main roads. A quiet pretty welsh village.

hall3[1]Left you can see Jane who is standing on the stage along with Mair Thomas. The Church Service was being photographed by Jane’s husband Chris who then showed the photographs at the end of the service on the laptop.

fairy8[1]Sandra from the Church is sitting at the back during the church service. Sandra is wearing a green jumper. Note the lady in the fawn coloured coat and hair in both the above photograph and one to the left with Sandra. If you look carefully in the bottom photograph you can just make out something in her hair which is not in the previous photograph above.

fairy6[1]To the left is a close up of the back of the lady’s head for you to see how long the fairy is. Below is another close up of the lady’s hair and the one to the right is a close up of the fairy. Note that the size of the fairy in length is approximately six inches but the body is only about one inch. She is holding on to a strand of hair and looks like she is just about to give a message to the lady in her ear. The lady, called Eve, was aware of fairies around her and believed that they existed and was delighted to have a picture to prove it.

fairy1[1]       fairy16[1]

Please note that the close up part of the photograph to the right has been slightly lightened in order for you to see the fairy more clearly.

eve1[1]Chris and I paid this lady a visit and gave her a framed photograph of the fairy. The lady, called Eve, was aware of fairies around her and believed that they existed and was delighted to have a picture to prove it. To the left is a photograph of Eve with Sandra, Linda and Barbara from Llanbradach Church along with Hiroshi Ando - a journalist visiting Llanbradach from Japan - photograph taken 11 October 2006.


eve2a[1]To the left is a page out of ‘Super Mystery Magazine’ produced in Japan (March 08). Hiroshi Ando interviewed Eve on her experiences in respect of fairies and elves and this page shows her drawing of what she saw and her story. A big thank you to Hiroshi Ando who made Eve a very happy lady. In addition, a big thank you to Hiroshi Ando also for sending not only a copy of the magazine to Eve but also to myself.


I received the following email and you can view my response underneath.

‘If you look closely at the second and third photographs in the sequence you will see that the anomaly is also visible between the cross bar and seat of the chair left of the lady's head. Indeed, the anomalous image passes beneath the chair. What you are looking at is light from a source outside the picture, probably a window in the wall left of the chairs, reflecting from the floor at a flat angle that passes the reflection beneath the chair. The lady's hair blocks off the end of the reflection. The seeming features in the image are pareidolic, a product of the enlarged resolution. At any rate, that is what I see...

Though, I must say, your spirit orb photographs are among the most vivid and varied I've seen, obviously genuine to the practiced eye. I enjoy your site. Bryan.


th_168_big[1]02‘Thank you for your email and your kind comments re the web site.  I work so hard that it is always nice to hear that people appreciate it.

As you can imagine, this photograph creates a lot of comment and visitors. In fact, hundreds of visitors this month have already viewed this particular photograph. It is not the most popular of pages but does create the most comment apart from the ‘orbs’ web page. Chris, my hubby, who is a skeptic has welcomed your comments. Chris scrutinizes every photograph and tries his hardest to prove by physical means an explanation for any paranormal event in a photograph and with reason will argue his point with me. Over the years, it has proved an invaluable partnership and only those photographs that we both agree have no explanation are placed on the site.

The fairy photograph is genuine and surprised us all. There are no windows to the left of the photograph or indeed anywhere near the lady in question which can be clearly seen in the full photograph which is not shown. In this larger photograph you can still see the fairy with no enlargement. There are numerous paranormal photographs in the web site of tails so it does not seem out of place to go underneath the chair as they can appear anywhere which we found not only in paranormal videos but also in still photographs.

I have had a wonderful trail paranormal photograph sent to me only recently which is so similar to the one in the fairy photograph.

This lady showed no surprise to the fairy in the photograph as she explained she not only believes in them but regularly talks to them. She is a sweet lady who is so excited about this photograph as it gave her the proof she needed and asked for. I try so hard to get her some publicity for her story but unfortunately to no avail which is such a pity. The only interest I could muster was a Japanese reporter who stayed with us and is writing an article on her for a magazine in Japan which none of us received a penny for.

Again, I thank you for your kind comments and that is why I have bothered to write this fuller explanation for you as it is emails like yours that keep me going. Kind regards, God bless Jane McCarthy’

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Fairy Photograph taken and copyright Chris and Jane McCarthy 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008

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