jewish_star[1]Symbols are artistic signs expressing a point of view of reality, quantity, element or represent an operation. They are used in all of science, eg, chemistry, physics or music.

I have been taught by spirit that certain spiritual symbols represent healing. To prove a point I was visited one night and standing tall by the side of the bed was a male spirit figure all in light. I watched fascinated as he held his arms out wide as shown in the figure to the left below. This figure represents prior to healing and as the arms are raised in prayer it shows that the balls of light released are more in the second figure - shown to the right. This represents healing, turning it over from negative to positive by balancing the energies. I call this ‘The Birth of Light.’

birthoflight[1]         birthoflight1[1]

On healing the land you are releasing any trapped spirits which represents each ball of light. If you go to the web page ‘energy lines’ you can see two stunning paranormal photographs which have been taken during the healing process of an energy centre. One paranormal photograph has been taken during the healing process and another taken immediately after. The two figures symbolise this process. The negative channel goes through the healer and that is why the balls of light which are released are seen on the crown.

cross[1]       birthoflight2[1]


The first process which spirit showed me looks exactly like a Celtic Cross as shown to the left above. To the right is the symbol given to represent ‘The Birth of Light’ final stage of the healing process which is the upside down peace sign. Spirit have advised me that this is the key to the healing process. The ’Birth of Light’ is shown as a figure (above) and on healing the land the healer is the key.

wheel[1]       wheel1[1]

The drawing above to the left represents the sign of the wheel that I have received in mediation. To the right is the Celtic Cross which shows eight points coming together for the ultimate ‘Birth of Light.’ The key is placed in the centre of the Celtic Cross for a mechanism which is ongoing to heal the negativity of our earth which releases one central beam of light when the key is turned. In nature and indeed in crop circles you will see constant reminders of these signs just like the wheel ie the never ending circle and the constant battle of balance between positive and negative or good and evil.


If you imagine a pyramid over you and then one under you ie one pyramid on top of the other to form a diamond.

triangles1[1]       triangles2[1]

If you twist one pyramid to the side as shown in the second figure to the right you then have eight points at the centre. If you stood at the centre of those eight points you are in effect standing in the centre of a celtic cross.

triangles[1]I always imagine that my house is the centre of the Celtic Cross and then I fill both pyramids full of healing light. This symbol is very much like the Tree of Life symbol.

Please note that all these illustrations are from my book published in 1997 along with the explanations.

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