MURDER CASE - by Jane McCarthy


I have always had dreams that come true - premonitions. Over twenty years ago I had a very strange experience that lead on to a case of murder. I was working at the time in the town centre in insurance and travelled by bus to work each and every morning passing by Roath Park Lake.

park4[1]This lake is a popular bird sanctuary. On the lower part of the lake pleasure boats were made available for hire. At one side, are beautiful gardens full of roses and seasonal flowers with a large green house filled with exotic plants around a small pond and a waterfall. As the bus proceeded down past the lake I stared out of the window. It was early morning and a mist hung over the lake.

A voice pleaded for my help. It took me by surprise. It was not a loud voice but it was like a lost soul crying out in the mist of the lake. I looked around at the other passengers on the bus. It was fairly full but not one person showed any recognition of having heard the voice. I stared at each person waiting for a sign as the voice pleaded for help. Nothing.

park3[1]The experience left me a little shaken and I arrived at work a bit disheveled. That night I woke up sweating. I had a vivid dream. I knew who the voice belonged to and I saw that this unfortunate man had been murdered by the lake and his body thrown into itís murky waters in the middle of the night. I shivered. The experience had left me quite frightened. One thing was clear. A man was murdered and his soul was crying out for help to be found and I had seen the whole sordid crime. I woke Chris up and told him what had happened and we talked. I wanted to go to the police but Chris stopped me. His logic, when you think about it is correct. If I had gone to the police and they had dragged the lake and found a manís body - how did I know? Maybe I was involved in the crime? If a manís body was not found, I could end up being the local odd person.

park6[1]Looking back, it wasnít an easy decision to make. Every morning I traveled on that bus and I heard that poor soul crying out to be found. It was with relief two months later that he was found. I read it on a newspaper billboard lunchtime. I shook all the way back to the office. I could have helped but instead I choose to keep quiet. I can only pray that the murdered manís family forgive me for not speaking up. With confidence in spirit and myself over the years I have now chosen to help those that have been tragically involved in such cases. Over the past fifteen years I have given out messages from spirit during clairvoyant demonstrations and spiritualist church services to the families in respect of murder cases and tragic accidents.

I have also been involved in murder cases in America working with bounty hunters and the police. However, in this country it is still not acceptable for the police to get involved with psychics but the way is changing. I undertook a psychic investigation in Abergavenny where is was the actual police that were involved. Spirit have a way of working things out.

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