People that suddenly die and then brought back to life have some extraordinary tales to tell. Some talk of going through a tunnel with a brilliant white light and meeting their relatives that have passed to spirit. Others talk of a beautiful feeling of peace and love. However, not all have such a wonderful experience.

ann[1]Below is a true story of a remarkable woman called Ann. Ann was a very spiritual lady and one I will never forget. People on the internet may remember her as ‘seeker.‘ Her memory is ‘my treasure’ of the good times before her poor body was ravished with cancer.

‘Ann, I know you are around me as I write this please help with your story darling.’ Above is a photograph of the two of us taken in my hall during one Christmas - Ann is wearing the Christmas costume. Below is an ‘Angel’ that Ann made out of plastic and paints that she gave to me before she went into the hospice which I used to keep in pride of place on my sideboard. I took this angel to a church service and a voice in my ear said give the angel to this lady which I did.  The lady had cancer.

Ann’s story - A Near Death Experience

angel31[1]Ann was extremely ill and was in a lot of pain and went many times to her doctor. In the end, she collapsed and was rushed to hospital where she underwent a series of tests. They found out that she had a tumor in her back which turned out to be cancerous. The consultant decided to operate straight away as he felt that if he left it any length of time there would be no hope for her. Ann went down to theatre not really knowing what was happening to her and she was placed face down on the operating bed. Ann explained to me years later that her last memories were of the floor as a curtain completely covered all around her not enabling her to see anything.

During the operation Ann died. However, it was not a pleasant experience. Ann saw a tunnel but it was black and she went into this tunnel backwards. It was very scary and there were lots of faces that were not very nice. She remembered seeing her grandmother and that was also an unpleasant experience. Her grandmother told her off and told her to go back because her children needed her. Ann was very upset and the next memory she had was seeing herself above the bed and it was so strange for her to see a sheet covering all of her except her back. The weird thing was the consultant who was undertaking the surgery was stood on a small box because he was not tall enough to carry out the operation procedure without it.

Ann realised she was out of body and went to see her children. Realising they needed her decided to go back. The next memory she had is of waking up in the hospital bed after the operation. Ann explained to the consultant what happened to her when she was unconscious in the operation and he was amazed. There was no way she could ever have known about the box because the skirting was all around the operating table all she could possibly see was the floor.

ann3[1]02Ann’s story is recorded in the hospital as a ‘Near Death Experience’ and one that they cannot explain. Ann went on to live many years helping and guiding those that were just diagnosed with cancer. Suffering with this terrible disease she was amazing and once told me she had grown to love her cancer as it was part of her.

On one occasion, a lady came out of the consulting room and she had just been diagnosed with cancer. She was crying and Ann consoled her. Her worst fear had come true as this lady was young and now would not be able to have a family. The drugs used to control cancer make women infertile and remember this was years ago. Going home in the car that afternoon, Ann thought about what it would be like not to have children. She reversed the car and went back. Ann barged in to see the consultant not taking no for an answer. She asked why couldn’t this young women have her eggs frozen so it will give her the chance to have children later on. She had courage but Ann had nothing to lose and she argued with the consultant who in the end backed down. The young lady was able to have her eggs frozen. This procedure is now offered to women usually as normal practice in the case of cancer patients

Ann you were a wonderful and beautiful lady and I would like to remember you as in the photograph at the top always quick to smile, always helping others. May God and His Angels keep you safe and protect you but I know you are about your work. Love jane xx

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