Photographs of orbs & dimensional orbs; Dimensional Photographs

orb35[1]Over the years spirit have taught me that dimensions exist. By raising the energies it will increase the vibration and allow those dimensions to be seen and photographed. The first time I saw what I now believe to be a dimension was over fifteen years ago. I described in my book which was published in 1997 ‘dinner plates’ on the ceiling. Those ‘dinner plates’ today are given a name called ‘orbs.’ Not all orbs are dimensions as I have learnt but some cannot be explained.

Below is a paranormal photograph taken at our Grandson’s first birthday party and by the side is a close up of the orb.

partyorb[1]     Untitled-1_copy[1]



party[1]When the image was cleaned up by darkening the outside and lightening the inside the image is now much clearer. On rotating the image vertically it did make a big difference.

ORB2[1]02Now the face can be clearly recognised. This shows that generations of our family who are passed to spirit like to attend birthday celebrations, weddings etc

The following paranormal photographs show close up of orbs. The one on the left hand side was taken during a Circle in Pontypool Spiritualist Church on Easter Sunday Service 2005. When this orb had been rotated vertically you can now see a different face and a mirror image.

jesus2[1]       jesus3[1]

In the latest paranormal photographs the figures can be clearly seen inside the orbs which again makes me believe that some are dimensional. The first orb on the left hand side was taken in the old TB hospital ward in Craig-y-Nos Castle. The one on the right hand side was taken on a recent psychic investigation in Llantwit Major which can be found on our sister site:- button107

craigorb4[1]     13nov[1]

orb14[1]05To the left is a dimensional orb photograph taken at a clairvoyant evening in Craig showing inside the shape of a figure.

There are many examples in the two web sites of dark figures within the orbs. These orbs are the dimensional tunnels that spirit can manifest out of.

orb111[1]The orb to the left was taken on one of our psychic investigations and shows running figures. This may be a snapshot of a different time or dimension or an event that caused the energy to go unbalanced - please see page ‘energy lines’ for explanation.

orb63[1]Left is another dimensional orb. As you can see from the following paranormal photograph they can travel to any area they wish. This paranormal photograph was taken at the Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay on the 20th January 2002. The spirit orbs were arriving at the corner of the church and Chris captured the flash of my camera on video as I took the photograph. Chris also taped the conversation confirming the fact that I had seen the orbs arrive.

PIC00171[1]If you look closer at the paranormal photograph to the left you can clearly see the street light above the bottom third orb. Look closer and you will see a little square in the trail of this orb. A picture of this square blown up & lightened is given below.

figures2[1]This little square shows what appear to be figures in the front. The back looks like a room which has a very polished surface giving the reflections of perhaps more figures. I am coming to understand that a lot of these different orbs could be dimensional. The orb photograph below was taken on a recent psychic investigation.

stairsorb2[1]02If you look carefully you can see the dimensional doorway behind the face from which it has come.

When I first moved into our house in the 1990s we slept in a room that overlooked a school field. At the time, it was impossible for traffic to access this field yet one night, just below our window, there were three lights in a triangle formation. I called Chris to the window. It was late around the early hours of the morning. I have no memory of going to bed that night. The next memory I have is being shown what I can only describe as a video. My eyes were open and I was on the outside of the bed but I could not move. I will not describe all of what was shown but one part. They showed me a white object that looked like a submarine with black windows. It was roughly about the size of a small plane. The following two orb photographs are close ups.

craig2[1]         craig1[1]

One was taken in Canada and the one on the right hand side taken on an investigation into Craig-y-Nos Castle in South Wales, UK on the 22nd August 2004. It certainly looks like the front of a submarine coming through a dimension. On the 22nd July 2006 we undertook a sky watch and the first paranormal photographs showed one or two orbs. However, around 2.00 a.m. in the morning all of a sudden there were two lights coming down from the sky like trails (see photograph above showing trails) and the next series of paranormal photographs contained hundreds of orbs - please see example below.

orbs2a[1]       orb8a1[1]

The above shows just one orb close up from the sky watch - more will be posted soon. However, I feel that these could be more dimensional as if you look carefully you can see a landscape with figures in. The colours within some of these orbs from the sky watch were beautiful - see two more examples below:-

orb112[1]     orb142[1]

Below are more examples of orbs taken from that sky watch:-

orb151[1]     orb113[1]   orb1a[1]

Can you see the figures in the middle orb to the left hand side like they are going up stairs. To the right is a close up of those figures.  More orb and dimensional orb photographs below.

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To see a paranormal video of a dimension opening up and what it looks like click on the camera.

This dimensional video clip is amazing and shows the doorway opening up and an object floating over to my lap. The film is slowed down and then goes backwards for you to see the dimension again. Another object was seen floating over but you cannot see this in the clip. This paranormal video was taken during one of our psychic investigations.

Recently I was woken up in the early hours of the morning to see a green light come straight down from the ceiling and open out into a green orb by the side of Chris as he lay sleeping. Like a pulse little orbs were coming down the green light and out through the end. I just sat up and watched it was fascinating. Below is a paranormal photograph that shows orbs coming through a white energy light like a pulse very similar to what I saw except it is not straight and there is no green light. However, the last paranormal photograph on this page shows a straight line and a lilac light.

christeningorb[1]I would like to thank Mariano from Argentina for giving his permission for this paranormal photograph to be shown. It was shot at a family christening. I would also like to thank Brian James for sending it to me. Brian is a sceptic but has had his own paranormal experiences.

mary3[1]To the left is a paranormal photograph that was taken at a clairvoyant demonstration in Llwynypia which is very similar and shows a lilac light to the medium and orbs that have come out of the light.

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