angel1[1]03Paranormal Photographs, orbs and spirit orb Photography, mist paranormal photographs and dimensional paranormal photographs.  Close up of orb in a tree taken in our local park.

The paranormal photographs below were taken by Chris in our local park and it was taken in daylight. If you look at the middle top, right hand side there is a gray spot. We thought it could be birds in the tree.

tree3[1]   Treeface3[1]

A close up of the ‘birds’ in the paranormal photograph (above) shows they are not birds. This oak tree is eight hundred years old and had a plaque attached to it stating this fact.

tree31[1]   field[1]

Many of our earlier paranormal photographs are around this part in Rhiwbina, Cardiff, UK. Below are two paranormal photographs taken in the same park as the tree above and shows manifestation.

treeshape[1]     face4[1]

If you look very carefully at the tree branches to the bottom, left hand side. This is the same tree as above and has a reputation of being a hanging tree in olden times. Can you see the head in the branches? Below is another view of the park.

park1[1]After researching this area in Rhiwbina Cardiff it transpires that the park was the scene of a big battle towards the end of the 11th Century. A Norman army met Iestyn and Eynion's armies at Rhiwbina in a field near to the present location of the Butcher's Arms pub. After they had joined battle, Eynion withdrew his men and marched to the Gower. Iestyn's men, now hopelessly out numbered and out armed, were cut to pieces. When the defeat of Iestyn's army was complete the dead were piled in one great heap and covered with soil. It was reported that the battle left the streams thick with blood, and one of the streams became known as the Nant y Weadlydd or Bloody Brook. In April 2008 Chris and I were taking Judy for a walk in this park and stayed quite a while fascinated with the sky.

clouds[1]There was a rainbow but it was in the clouds which was very usual. I had never seen anything like it and it stayed in the sky the whole time we were in the park. Two weeks later by coincidence a friend sent me the picture to the left with an explanation. Apparently, it is very rare as the clouds have to be cirrus, at least twenty feet in the air with just the right amount of ice crystals. The sun has to hit the clouds at precisely 58 degrees. I believe that rainbows are very special as they are a celebration. To read more about the history of this location go to web site:-

leyline2[1]To the left is a paranormal photograph of an energy line which was taken at the entrance to this park - see web page ‘energy lines’ for an explanation of this phenomenon. This park has high energy especially around the oak tree which I believe is the energy centre attached to the other important energy centre in Cardiff around Wenvoe which is approximately six miles away but you can see the masts of Wenvoe very clearly from this park. Please note that the dot in the paranormal photograph is the street light.


Below is a photograph of Stonehenge at the Summer Solstice 2006 at 4.58 am in the morning. By the side are close ups of two of the orbs taken in paranormal photographs around the same time.

solstice2[1]       orb16[1]



orb17[1]Left is another close up of an orb taken at the Summer Solstice 2006. There were so many orb paranormal photographs taken on that morning as the energy was high allowing paranormal activity.

energyline3[1]The paranormal photograph to the left shows a moving orb arriving over the stones. Stonehenge is a large energy centre which is connected to many important high energy centres in the United Kingdom. In the olden days, these ancient places were ceremonial centres undertaking services around the clock of nature such as summer and winter solstice when the energies are naturally high. To read more about energy centres and their functions please click on web page ‘energy lines.’

chris2[1]Manifestation is a sign of paranormal activity and the paranormal photograph to the left hand side is one of my favorite photographs of Chris - look out behind you! This paranormal photograph was taken in Avebury, Wiltshire UK not far from the ancient stone circle ring. Below is a large blue orb that appeared in numerous paranormal photographs taken on a Wiltshire trip to the Avebury Stone Circle on the 5th January 2006. Below shows another paranormal photograph of the large orb taken in the same place - notice the little one underneath.

roadorbs[1]     roadorb2[1]

There is an unusual design inside the orb. Below is a close up of the small orb underneath.

smallroadorb[1]This looks more like an orb moving from one dimension into another. During this trip two paranormal photographs were taken of spirit manifestation. The following spirit paranormal photographs were taken approximately 6.00pm just after dark and in the field of the famous stone circle of Avebury. To read more about Avebury click on the link below:-

circleorb2[1]Left is a paranormal photograph taken just outside Avebury in the crop fields. Notice a large orb over a crop circle formation. These crop circles have been appearing in Avebury for years - to view the latest crop circle formations go to:-   A lot of research work has been undertaken in respect of the crop circles. I personally have been in numerous crop circles and feel the spiraling energies in those which are genuine.

More paranormal photos below

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More spirit orbs, orbs and paranormal photographs

Bridgend4_copy[1]       headorb[1]02

This paranormal photograph was taken in a workshop in Bridgend, South Wales. Notice the crouching figures inside the orb.

glass1[1]02This paranormal photograph was taken in a clairvoyant demonstration in Newport, South Wales. Notice that the lady in white is sitting next to the lady in black. Between them is a large orb which is mostly on the face of the lady in white.  Below is a close up of the orb to show a third lady’s face between the two of them!

orb61[1]03Coming out of the orb is a third lady’s face which you can see quite clearly. This is not the first time that faces or figures have emerged out of the orbs. The orb is the end of a tunnel from which spirit can come.


Elvis2[1]The paranormal photograph to the left was taken at the entrance of the famous Eatom Centre shopping mall in Toronto, Canada. Notice the orb by the side ‘Elvis.’ This paranormal photograph was taken in broad daylight.

These paranormal photographs were taken in a Canadian Cathedral on the 30th May 2004

churchorb1[1]   orb103[1]

The above paranormal photograph is a close up of the orb shown in the photograph to the left hand side.

The following paranormal photographs were taken in Niagara Falls, Canada on the 1 & 2 June 2004.

orb85[1]The two close up orb paranormal photographs are the two orbs shown in the paranormal photograph to the left hand side.





orb41[1]To see more paranormal photographs from Canada please see page ‘orbs.’

All photographs copyright Chris and Jane McCarthy 2003,2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011

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