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The following paranormal photograph was taken on the Rhigos Mountain in South Wales in March 2007. The site is a well known ufo site and it commands a view of the Brecon Beacons.

lake2[1]Right is a paranormal photograph showing a face over the reservoir. Below to the right hand side is a close up of the face. More paranormal photographs were taken the same day. This reservoir is one of many in this region.

face5[1]  mountain1[1]


mountain11[1]The power of this place can just overwhelm you. Chris and I have been to a sky watch at this exact spot many years ago. Now they have built a picnic spot overlooking the most amazing views.

orb54[1]     orb62[1]

Left is another paranormal photograph of the reservoir. Above is close up of the orb which has been enhanced in order for you to see inside.

More paranormal photographs, spirit orb and orb photographs to come in the future.

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