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music[1]The skills we learn in our past lives are not lost and seen as talents in the future

Julie was regressed and went into a past life that was over a hundred years ago. She talked about seeing her room and the fact that she was in the centre of the room. Julie stated that these were definitely her belongings as she recognised them. Her books, her piano just her room. Definitely her room and had memories of playing that particular piano.

Julie couldn’t understand why she was in the centre of the room and when she lifted up her arm all she saw was colour. It fascinated her. She lifted up her arm several times and relayed on the different colours that moved when her arm moved. All of a sudden it dawned on her. She was lying in a coffin - her coffin! She was dead but she was not and it was such a strange experience.

After Julie was brought back she remembered everything but the weird thing is in this lifetime she plays the piano. I truly believe that anything we learn in any lifetime is not wasted and those ‘talents’ we have this lifetime may be the result of a learning curve in another. Nothing is wasted.

However, the important issue here is that when she regressed into her lifeless body in the coffin her spirit was energy. Whatever lifetime any being has had whether on this planet or another we revert back to becoming pure energy ie the chakra system equals the energy system.

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Dramatic events from the past can effect the future

When I was a child, aged approximately seven years old, I had an overcrowded mouth of teeth. Therefore, I had to have many teeth extracted and my mother approached the local dentist. I was fine until the mask came out and I could smell gas. When I was young teeth were extracted by putting the patient out under gas.

I have vague memories of these events and I remember screaming and screaming. Apparently, several dentists would not treat me because of my fear of the mask. There is nothing more off putting than a child screaming at the dentists especially if you don’t like going anyway.

Two years ago I held a ‘Past Life Meditation Circle’ in my house and in one of the meditations I had a vision. I was standing in a large hall with lots of others all naked and mists all around and people dropping like flies. I realised I was gassed as a Jew in the Second World War. I still have a fear, not of having my teeth extracted, but the smell of gas it reminds my soul of a tragic ending of my life as a young girl.

th_101_big05The deeds of the present create the spiritual joys and sorrows of tomorrow

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