Psychic Art & Psychic Art Portraits by Jane McCarthy

guide103[1]Psychic art is different to ordinary art as it is spirit that uses the medium’s hand. The drawings can be completely different from each other ie the style and character. Some psychic art drawings can be caricatures. Psychic Art portrait of a guide (left) was drawn for a clairvoyant demonstration. This page will contain psychic art along with little messages. For more psychic art portraits go to Psychic Readings web site PsychicReadingsUK06

Bridgend SNU Rally on the 6th September 2008.

This Rally was a workshop in the afternoon with a Clairvoyant Demonstration in the night time.

girl[1]The Psychic art portrait was drawn by Jane and although looked quite odd felt it must be a caricature. In the workshop Jane asked if anyone recognised this young woman. A voice came out from the back ‘Who would?’ Another voice from the front gently spoke out and stated it was her niece. She went on to explain that her niece was anorexic and that is exactly how she looked when she died. This poor tragic soul had wasted away.

poster2A Psychic Night Out April 2012

The following Psychic Art portraits were drawn by Jane McCarthy for the production by Brian Yates ‘A Psychic Night Out’ in April 2012. More psychic art portraits were recognised and handed out by Jane during the show. These were just four of many drawn and handed out.

one     two

woman4  Picture1



EthelThis amazing psychic art portrait was drawn in minutes but was recognised instantly by her grand daughter in the show. This spirit gave me some information as I was drawing her. Her name was Ethel and she had two sisters one called Mary and the other Betty. This information was confirmed by her grand daughter who was sitting in the audience.

Newbridge Psychic Art Clairvoyant Demonstration - August 2008

The following two psychic art portraits were recognised during the clairvoyant service and handed out to their relatives.

lady[1]     man[1]


The following four psychic art portraits were drawn for a special clairvoyant demonstration at the Newport SNU Church on the 15th November 2007.

man2[1]   girl2[1]


All four psychic art portraits were recognised and given out during the demonstration.

woman3[1]   woman4[1]

girl31[1]The next three psychic art portraits were drawn on the 28th July 2007 in a residence in Tonyrefail in Mid Glamorgan, Wales. The lady who lived there had a beautiful light and is learning the spiritual pathway. Spirit from around the area were drawing in close to tell their stories. The young girl, aged 29/30 years, drawn in the psychic art portrait to the left was unfortunately raped and murdered by one of her relatives. This relative is still alive and is now in his forties. This girl has a good heart and has already forgiven him for his deed but is now worried that his thoughts on what he has done is playing on his mind. The name of Debra and Jones came through very strong and the heart locket was given to her which she cherished.

youth[1]This youth we think has been recognised but I will put down the details just in case anybody else thinks they know him. The psychic art portrait is of a man in his early 20s who loved motor bikes and passed in a road accident just as he would have liked riding his motor bike. He belonged to a gang of local boys who loved playing and messing about. It looks although he loved wearing his black leather jacket but not his helmet which was one of the reasons why he died. He spoke about a dog called Prince and someone called David. He came through with other boys from the area and one particular young lad aged early teens who died playing chicken on the road. This youth was connected to someone with a name beginning with J and lived close to a youth centre and the name ‘billy boy’ came through as well.

girl21[1]This young girl in her late teens came through crying as you can see from the psychic art portrait. It is such a tragic story. She had lost everything she cared about. She had split up from her boyfriend due to a big row. She was crying the whole time as she told her story. In a fit of temper in the row she told her boyfriend he would never see their baby again. Of course, she never meant it but he took her seriously and snatched the baby and drove off upset and not concentrating on what he was doing. He loved her so much this was just a few words that had been blown out of all proportion into a huge row. He drove erratically and crashed the car killing both him and the baby. Nothing could console her she screamed and screamed when she found out. In between the tears she told me that she could not get over what had happened and blamed herself. In the end, this poor little soul took an overdose of tablets to end her misery.

man1[1]The next three psychic art portraits were drawn on the 6th September 2007 for a Church Clairvoyant Demonstration. All three psychic art pictures were recognised and given out on the night. The psychic art to the left was recognised by a lady as a gentleman who was a work colleague. The gentleman to the left hand side below was nursed by a member of the audience who explained she was a carer. The psychic art portrait below and to the right is a beautiful spirit who tragically died young. The psychic art portrait was recognised by two members of the family.

man3[1]  girl1[1]

girl4[1]This psychic art portrait was undertaken on the 30th August 2007 and has now been recognised. This young lady was called Julia.

More psychic art portraits will be updated all the time so drop in again maybe there will be one for you with a vital message.

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