monk3[1]02Jane McCarthy runs a team of Psychic Investigators who go all over the country undertaking all types of psychic investigations. To view some of those psychic investigations and profiles of the team members click on the Psychic Investigations link below:-

banner3[1]04On this web site some of the psychic investigations are given in detail along with paranormal video clips, a vast selection of paranormal photographs such as spirit orbs and orbs along with psychic art portraits. Psychic art portrait of a monk above comes from ‘Psychic Investigation 7’ which has a startling conclusion.

orb71[1]02This psychic investigation started when two policeman contacted a major magazine with a very spooky experience whilst returning from an early morning call out. Left is a close up of an orb taken during that psychic investigation.

Psychic art portrait and spirit orb photograph copyright Jane McCarthy 2006

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