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Psychic Supper Porthcawl Church              6 September 2006

hall[1]Left is a paranormal photograph showing a spirit orb above at the top of the hall. Many people attended this Psychic Supper which was very successful.

headorb5[1]Left shows a spirit orb around a lady’s head. Chris and I have noticed that spirit orbs are usually around the head of the person or close to the person who is receiving a message. The following paranormal photograph shows a blue orb on the jacket of the medium at the table top and a close up of the spirit orb.

Jacketorba[1]   jacketorb[1]

     Can you see faces in the orb?

The following spirit orb is one of the best examples of spirit activity taken that night. The close up has been enhanced in order for you to see more clearly inside.

headorb21[1]     blueorb2[1]

The evening was very enjoyable and the best fish and chips Chris and I have tasted - thank you Porthcawl Church and God bless.

Charity Event - Newbridge 6th May 2006

hall1[1]02This event was a great success. Left, is a paranormal photo which showed over thirty spirit orbs. There are more close up of spirit orbs to come.

brightorb2[1]Right is one of the brightest spirit orbs taken during the Newbridge Charity Event. This paranormal photograph has not been brightened or lightened.

orb12[1]Right is a close up of that bright spirit orbs. Below are close up of some of the spirit orbs in the paranormal photograph of a group of four ladies sitting in the front row as shown above. Can you see figures inside?

jumperorb[1]This spirit orb is the one on the lady in the dark coloured top with an orb on her arm. This close up spirit orb photograph is the tiny one underneath blown up and lightened inside.

orb21[1]If you look carefully inside this spirit orb it could appear to be like a stage with people watching an event. This could be a glimpse of the past or future - see page ‘orbs and dimensions’ for information. Below is another paranormal photograph of one of the ladies in that same group.

orbhead4[1]       hallorb4[1]

Above and to the right hand side a close up of another spirit orb from the main photograph at the top of the page. Below is a spirit orb between a husband and wife. To the side is a close up of the spirit orb.

headorb2[1]02     headorb4[1]02

Notice a small spirit orb that looks like it is moving on the right hand side below shows a close up of that spirit orb. Look closely you can may see what appears to be figures in front of a building. The right hand side shows another view of the lady with a spirit orb on her. I wonder if this is what they mean by ‘halo’- perhaps spiritual people are seen with bright spirit orbs around their heads.

movingorb2[1]02     headorb51[1]

Below is a photograph of Jane and Pam on the stage and you can see a large blue orb above their heads. To the side is a close up of that orb.

blueorb11[1]       blueorb1[1]03

Can you see the faces inside the spirit orb above?

The paranormal photograph below is part of the first one on this page showing three large spirit orbs. Notice Paul sat underneath these spirit orbs. By the side is another paranormal photograph of Paul with a large spirit orb on his head and below is a close up of that spirit orb which has been enhanced in order that you can see inside. Can you see the the face or the crosses or maybe even the dog?

largeorb2[1]         paul[1]



Hundreds of paranormal orb photographs were taken that night.  Below is a spirit orb taken by a chair leg at a Clairvoyant Demonstration in Treforest Church. To the right you can see the spirit orb lightened in order that you can see inside more clearly.

chairleg2[1]       chairlegorb[1]

 Paranormal Photographs & Spirit Orb Photographs- Clairvoyant Demonstration at Newbridge Spiritualist Church

orb32[1]     ORB1[1]02


The evening was a success with wonderful proof from spirit. A lady in the front row had been attending the church for a long time with her husband and he had waited for a message from his ‘biker’ pals. Tonight was the night they came through and unfortunately he hadn’t attended so we asked the two ‘biker’ boys who quoted the name ‘lizard’ to give wonderful photographic proof as he was absent. The following photographs shows a spirit orb by the lady.

orb10[1]     orb121[1]

I have lightened the inside and darkened the outside for you to see inside the spirit orb more clearly. The lady left to telephone her husband and when she returned another paranormal photograph of a spirit orb was taken - see below.

orb84[1]       ORB5[1]02



A big thank you to the Bishop Steven for the warm welcome Chris and I received at your church. Below a beautiful blue spirit orb on the back of a lady during the service.

orb92[1]       orb101[1]



orb11[1]03I have noticed that during clairvoyant demonstrations there are spirit orbs around and on the medium. There were many different kinds of paranormal photographs of orbs and spirit orbs taken during this service and Chris and I were pleased that so many stayed behind to see the photographs.                   Please help support this Psychic Investigators site - Psychic Readings are (24 Hours) see page entitled ‘Psychic Readings’ or telephone free phone: 08000 670 335

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