Spirit Stories

hands[1]These spirit stories I use in church services and demonstrations. Some are my learning curve of working with spirit and their way of helping and guiding me - Jane McCarthy

(Spirit stories 1)

Trust in what they say and don’t add or take anything away

One year spirit told me that the weather was going to be record breaking in February. So, I told everybody to stock up as I assumed that the weather was going to be cold. February in this country is cold. Spirit were correct it was record breaking - it was warm. Don’t assume anything just give what spirit tell you - don’t add or take anything away.

(spirit stories 2)


It was a particularly bad day coming back from town and as I got my bus home the rain did not let up. The journey is approximately five miles and takes about 30 - 40 minutes. The bus was full and people were getting off and on throughout the journey. After about 10 minutes into the journey someone sat down in the vacant seat next to me. You know what it is like, you have to look to see who is sitting next to you and I looked to my side and to my amazement there was no one there. All of a sudden this voice starting talking to me in my mind.

'See that lady in front of you - that is my wife. She is worried and upset. She has just lost her sister to cancer and now she thinks she has it too. My wife always worries about things, but this time she will not find out for herself. She is convinced she is going to die like her sister. Please tell her to go to the doctors as she is okay and worrying unnecessarily - she does not have cancer’

Over the years, I have got used to talking to spirit when they are around but I felt that if I started speaking to the lady in front of me telling her about her dead husband then they would be carting me off to the nearest mental hospital. So in my head, I answered. No, giving the reasons why. The husband persisted as he was worried about his wife and pleaded with me. I gently kept saying no to him. In the end, he got very frustrated and said what would it take for you to tell my wife this message. I replied that if his wife started speaking to me first ie turned round to speak to the person behind her on a busy bus, then yes, I would give his message. I felt quite safe in the knowledge that this would never happen. As the bus proceeded along its journey the people thinned out and three quarters of the way home, the lady turned round to me and said :-

‘The weather is bad today - I don’t think it will ever stop raining.’

I was annoyed but I had to keep the promise. The spirit was laughing stating I must keep the agreement.

I was annoyed but I had to keep the promise. The spirit was laughing stating I must keep the agreement.

‘Look I am very sorry about this, but I feel you have been through so much and have just lost a very dear sister.’ The look on her face told me it was correct. ‘Spirit want to give you this message and it comes from your husband. It doesn’t necessarily follow that conditions are hereditary and he wants you to go to see your doctor to give you peace of mind.’

The lady thanked me and on reaching her stop there was a tear in her eye, but the broadest of smiles. In fact, she nearly missed her stop as she wanted to hear more.

th_35_bigI learnt that if a message is given it will always be received for the person it is intended for. So, have confidence that when spirit give these messages it will be accepted. When I sat down next to a person in a strange pub my husband, Chris, was amazed that I just started speaking to the person on the other side. I asked why did she hesitate. This man was not like her ex husband, he was considerate and cared for her children. He would make an excellent father. To Chrisamazement, she carried on the conversation explaining why she hesitated and it wasn’t until 10 minutes later that she realized she didn’t know me.

(spirit stories 3)


We should all ask for signs of confirmation on what we receive is correct. When I became self-employed, I asked for a sign that I was doing the correct thing - it was a big step for me. As I have seen and heard spirit for a long time it would be difficult for them to give me a sign that I would truly believe. The very day that I asked for my sign a friend came down with a video on angels. Later on that day, I persuaded Chris to watch it with me. In the middle of the tape there was an interview with Roy Castle’s widow. The interview took place in a garden. She was explaining about the day her husband died. His face lit up when he tried to tell his wife about what he was seeing at the doorway of his hospital bedroom.

angel1He kept telling her he could see Christ at the doorway. She truly believed that he could see Him and then he died. The whole time this interview was taking place the bush next to her was beautiful - a purple colour. When the interview finished the purple bush faded. Chris looked at me and said did you see that and I replied yes. We rerun the video about six times but the bush was always green never purple. Chris is very much a sceptic, seeing things in black and white but he will not deny he saw the purple colour on the bush. I do aura readings and that colour purple to me is the Christ colour.

(spirit stories 4)

The Smoking Story

I started smoking when I was in my teens and like most people decided it was only for a short time and then I would stop. But instead of stopping it increased as the habit took hold. Over the years, I tried many times to give up smoking to no avail. Unless you have smoked yourself you cannot appreciate how hard it is to give up this disgusting habit. I used to say to people ‘ I am stressed at the moment and smoking helps me to relax or I am going to try and give up after my exams etc - any excuse. As the years rolled by it got more and more expensive and I noticed that I was slowing down. Finally, Chris went to the doctors and he had to go for a chest X-ray. He did not have cancer but some damage due to smoking. The doctor told him to give up and this he did. I cannot believe how my husband gave up so quickly. It was amazing but not surprising . Chris had a wake up call and his lungs were now receiving damage due to smoking.

I tried to give up but could not and went back after a few days. I was so selfish - I loved my fags. I couldn’t wait to eat my meals because it meant having that wonderful cigarette afterwards - I was so sad. Poor Chris was okay about it to start with as the weeks rolled by he got annoyed when I lit up. The rows started. He used to accuse me of choking him. In the end, he just used to get up and leave the room if I lit up.

It was six months later and Chris had resisted going back smoking. In one terrible row he said that was it. If I couldn’t give up smoking he would restart. It broke my heart but I just couldn’t break the habit. He went back smoking. I felt dreadful. I was so annoyed with myself. We continued throughout that winter smoking and I could see how it was hurting Chris. I knew I had to give up.

On the Friday before his birthday which was the following Sunday I sat and thought about what I was doing. I have tried so many times to give up and was desperate. I had been recently to a friend of a friends’ house to do readings for her. This lady held a party and I did many readings that night. In the middle of the readings I took a break and went out into the kitchen to have a cigarette. The lady came through to talk to me. I had just completed a reading for her daughter and she was so happy because everything I had said was what she wanted to say to her daughter for a long time. This lady knew that her daughter would have ignored anything she would say as teenagers do. They think their parents are nagging and switch off. But in the reading came out all the details and such confirmation that the daughter listened. I was a complete stranger to her.

The mother was so delighted and as we talked she noticed me smoking. I asked if it was okay to smoke in the kitchen but the expression on her face was only sympathy. I explained about Chris and how I was desperate to give the habit up and had tried for so long.

‘Don’t worry about it.’ she said. ‘I will pray for you to give up.’ Bless her.

angeloflight[1]As I sat and thought about that night a beautiful figure all in brilliant light came through the window. The figure was roughly about 5’6’’ all in golden light. I could not see any features as such but just the outline of a person. It was beautiful. The time was late afternoon and the light was just starting to go but this form was stunning, so brilliant. Now I have been a medium for many, many years and used to all forms of spirit communication but there was nothing. This beautiful figure stayed for roughly ten seconds it could be more or less but I was just spellbound. When the figure disappeared, Chris entered the room and I could not believe what I was starting to say to him.

‘Chris it is your birthday on Sunday, I have an unusual present to give you. I am giving up smoking.’ Wow, why did I say that.

We both gave up smoking on his birthday and it was easy. I have not smoked since and that was over ten years ago now. I take my church services and tell people this story and anyone who is trying to give up smoking I ask them if they would like to go on my smoking list. I pray for these people. I pray that the beautiful vision that visited me will visit and help them too. So if you want to go onto my smoking list please email me at I truly believe in the power of prayer.

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Worries and burdens

Every day, I say a prayer and ask God to take away our worries and our burdens not only for myself, but for my family and friends. These are the people that matter to me, but sometimes situations happen and you forget that He is there. A very close friend of mine was in hospital and at that time we were broke. I expect you have all been there at some time or another, where if you spend £5 more on your overdraft the bank charges you £10 for the privilege. We really could not afford to spend another penny. My pride stopped me from going to the hospital.

I could not turn up at the bedside of my dear friend, Sheila, without a bunch of flowers or at least some fruit. Chris told me not to be so stupid that it would not matter to her. Sheila would have only been delighted just to see us and not the flowers or fruit. But I was proud and after having words with Chris, I dragged our poor dog, beauty, out for a walk. It was a dark, cold night and as I pulled beauty down the pavement, I was muttering to myself. All of sudden, I heard a voice laughing at me. There was no one there. I realized that spirit were walking by the side of me laughing out loud. This only got me more annoyed and I started to tell them it wasn’t funny. Halfway down the road, a voice boomed in my ear ‘STOP.’

flower1I stopped and asked why. A beautiful voice replied. ‘look at your feet’ and there at my feet was a £5 note. That night, I visited Sheila with a beautiful bunch of flowers. We should all learn to trust that He is with us and sends His physical and spiritual angels when we need them.

Another story that confirms He helps with the worries and burdens is when I was out of work. I had looked for jobs and was not sure of what I really wanted. I love doing my work with spirit but needed also to earn a living. So one day I got paper and pen and sat down and put down all the things I like doing; the things I am capable of doing; the things I enjoy doing; the things that I am really good at. I also put down good points and bad points - be honest. Then finally, I put the amount of money that I would like to earn, being realistic and again honest. I said a prayer and asked Him Upstairs to look at what I had written and again to take away my worries and burdens. The following day I had an offer of three jobs.

10Two were within my spiritual field and the other one was an agency asking me to go for an interview. The lady from the agency asked what was so special about me, as she had placed four jobs into her computer and all four came up with my name. I had joined the agency a year ago and since then nothing had happened. So as you can imagine, she was surprised to say the least. I told her the truth and felt the shivers go down me as she told me her story. Approximately, six years ago, her husband left her with no money and one child to bring up. She was broke and had nowhere to go. She did the exact same thing as I did and today she is a successful business woman.  I took all three jobs, working part time in each and the money, oh yes, it was nearly the exact amount.

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