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A lot of people ask me what is it like on the other side for souls who have committed suicide. Is there a place where the soul is punished for such an act, for example, purgatory. My answer has to be from my experience and learning curve with spirit. The following story is a true story and for this reason I have omitted the name of the church etc

th_22_big[1]I have been undertaking church services and demonstrations now for over ten years and certain messages stand out. This one did. Five years ago, I was undertaking a church service on a Sunday evening. Spiritualist Church services are very much the same as any other church service except at the end there are comforting little messages given from those in spirit. These messages give vital proof that life exists just as Christ promised us there is no death the soul lives on. On this occasion, the service was nearly over and one last message came through. The gentleman standing by the side of me on the rostrum was a kindly figure and he came across with such sadness in his voice.

’That's my niece there.' he said pointing to a young girl in the congregation.

I described her uncle to her and she knew him straight away. The spirit carried on stating that he was called up to go to war but this was totally against all that he believed in. He told me that he couldn't take a life. He was no coward and agreed to go but his heart was heavy when he boarded the ship to go to war in France in the Second World War. As soon as the French coastline appeared he knew in his heart he could not do this. He committed suicide by jumping overboard and his body was never recovered.

Well, how can you say that. As a responsible medium, I could never give such a message from the rostrum so instead I turned to the young girl and said.

'Your uncle went to war in a ship but unfortunately never arrived the other side.' I felt the emotion now rising within the spirit beside me. Tears of sadness I could feel from my side.

'That's right.' the young girl stated. 'The family wondered whether he had taken his life and jumped overboard.' Confirming that this indeed was his niece.

th_28_big[1]The spirit carried on speaking to me stating that his niece was also contemplating taking her life and had decided before she did anything would go to church for the last time to see what would happen. The uncle turned to me with tears in his eyes and stated.

'I got her here now it's up to you. I really don't want her to make the same mistake I made.' He spoke quietly nearly crying. I felt the emotion well up inside myself and with tears in my eyes I was very glad that it was decided that this spirit of her uncle was the last to speak during this service.

I turned for the last time to his niece in the congregation and asked her to stay behind explaining that there was always a cup of tea after the church service which was attended by trained counsellors to speak to those who needed them. I had a cup of tea with the young lady afterwards who confirmed everything her uncle had said. Her uncle was now by the side of her and he spoke to me telling me he would stay with her until the crisis was over but he did say her heart was lifted and a new pathway was now opening up for her and thoughts of suicide were going - thank God.

The uncle went on to say that those who had committed suicide in their physical lifetime were helping those who passed over in the same way. Who better than those who have been there and experienced the anguish and the pain. But if they were successful they could help those in the living world just like his niece to come to terms with their crisis to come through it and to live. He thanked me for my help and said his niece would be fine now. God bless you both.

Story copyright Jane McCarthy 2006

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The next true story was written by a wonderful lady who works for spirit and the church.

My son, John, was going through a bad time in his life with depression verging on having a nervous breakdown. His drinking and violence was becoming more and more of a problem and was threatening suicide. One evening he came home drunk and we ended up having one of our usual rows. John stormed upstairs to his room and played his music loudly.

I was on the sofa crying asking his father, in spirit, for help. I decided to sleep downstairs when I heard John come downstairs and go into the kitchen then return to his bedroom. It was now about 1.00 am in the morning and I had a bad headache so decided to go up to bed and try to sleep it off. As I was going up the stairs Spirit were saying to me.

‘Take two pain relief tablets then go to bed.’

I argued back that I didn’t want tablets and that I could sleep it off but Spirit kept on and on saying.

‘Take two tablets.’

So, I went back down the stairs and into the kitchen for the paracetamol - they were gone! I said to myself in my mind - is that what John had come downstairs for? I raced up to his bedroom and saw tablets on the floor and on his bed. Because he was so drunk I couldn’t get any sense as to if he had taken some tablets as well. It was difficult in the heat of the moment to count the tablets as it was a new tub of 100 tablets.

I realised I was getting nowhere and time was precious so I picked up the telephone and rang 999. The ambulance came quickly but the paramedics couldn’t get any sense with John either so he was taken to hospital where he was treated. I was warned of the damage that was likely to have been done mainly to the liver and the possibility of a liver transplant.

The hospital ran tests to assess the damage only to find there was none at all! If I had gone to bed and ignored spirit my son would certainly have died as when we checked the tablets he had taken 28! Thank you Spirit, Liz.

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