Time Travel by Jane McCarthy

th_9_big[1]Nostradamus was a practicing physician, astronomer and astrologer who was a devout student of pagan methods of divination. He wrote short poems called Quatrains. Many considered him a monk but in fact he was a devout catholic by day to avoid persecution from the Spanish Inquisition. Nostradamus was a seer and predicted the future.

H. G. Wells wrote a fictional story called ‘The Time Machine’ traveling back and forth through time enabling to interact like walking through the doorways of time. Is time travel possible? I have to go by my own experiences and in undertaking some of my psychic investigations I noted that the orb photographs were showing certain past events relevant in history to the area under investigation.

Picture27[1]02If you look closely into one example of those orbs (left) you can see a hooded figure and the shape of a horse by his side. This was the site of a battle taken place in 1648. To see more orb photographs of past events in history go to web pages ‘orbs, orbs 2 and orbs and dimensions.’

banner3[1]03To read more about that psychic investigation (6) go to web site (left). Consider that time is not linear like a straight line but more wavy.

Picture27a[1]02Consider that a piece of string goes up and down into loops (Left) Therefore, time is shown as bending going up and down into loops. If you take a snapshot from the top of one loop to the other, time has now traveled on. You could take a snapshot of the past or of the future. Time has to travel down the loop to the previous loop or to the next loop for this to happen. We have started to take more orb photographs of the future.

At high energy times, these doorways could open and for one magical moment you could capture a glimpse of our past or even more fascinating of the future. We have now started to take more orb photographs of the future. Please see web page entitled ‘energy lines’ for explanation of high energy times.

doorways[1]02I wrote about one experience in my book where a large orb or dimensional tunnel opened up and a figure proceeded to come down the tunnel into the bedroom. Left, is an example of an orb photograph exactly like I saw with the circles getting bigger. The giant orb was almost as big as the window and the figure coming out of it was human, in a strange outfit, but as physical as you and I. I felt that the figure although in human shape may not have been from this planet due to his strange appearance. However, could it have been someone from the future?

orb46[1]Orbs are the end of a tunnel and can open up like doorways. Some could possibly be worm holes from one dimension or world to another so why not from one time to another. Orb photograph (left) was taken on one of our sky watches.

Penhow1[1]02These doorways can open up anywhere.  Left is a close up of an orb which is an obvious doorway as you can see the bottles on the shelves to the left hand side. This orb photograph was taken on one of our psychic investigations.

On researching this subject, I must refer to one experience I had whilst sitting on my bed. The bedroom disappeared and I was outside. I was still sitting on the bed but the scenery had changed and it was a warm sunny day with cobbled streets and an archway in stone right in front of me. The bed had moved through a doorway created through high energy to a place I was thinking about but in the past. If I was there in the past at the time this happened maybe they would have seen the orb doorway appearing.

monk3[1]I was called by a major magazine to undertake a psychic investigation in which two policemen had driven through the ghost of a monk. The unbalanced energy was very apparent even though the event had happened months earlier. The conclusion of this psychic investigation was amazing. The monk had opened up those doorways into the future. I believe that certain monks manipulated the energies high enough enabling them to see just like Nostradamus did years earlier. However, this monk must have stepped through the doorway. Above is a psychic art picture drawn on this psychic investigation - now remember the magazine had told me nothing only that the policemen were very upset about a paranormal event. However, on researching this story and the events that unfolded led me to only one conclusion that the monk had stepped through the time doorway to prevent a tragedy to himself in the future. To read this fascination story and see the proof for yourself go to:- Psychic Investigation (7) PsychicInvestigations

I truly believe that the Abbeys were destroyed by Henry V111 because they had become very powerful but not in the way you think. Maybe they tried to show Henry that they could open up these doorways and walk through them.

monk[1]The monks that manipulated time were far and few. However, I had noted that the energies are still high today and paranormal events can happen around the clock of nature at these sacred and holy places. On another psychic investigation there were terrific paranormal events in a large detached house that had been built on the land of an abbey. On one occasion, one member of the family found himself naked outside the house. The last memory he had was going to bed in the buff the previous night. The house was still all locked up nothing had been disturbed. How did he get outside with no memory of it? On another occasion, a cupboard door was opened and instead of seeing the inside of the cupboard it had turned into a schoolroom with children working at their desks - opening up a doorway into the past. This house was featured in a television show due to the numerous events that happened there.

My guides have advised me that only those who understand the true meaning of personal responsibility in karma hold the keys to those doorways. The monk in the psychic investigation who tried to stop an event in the future did not stop destiny. So only those who had reached a high spiritual level would be given those keys.It has already happened and we will hear more stories in the future. I feel that we are being lead to the possibilities of time travel and travel between the dimensions. More to come on this fascinating subject.

Time Travel copyright Jane S McCarthy 2009

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