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ufo8[1]Reports on sightings of UFOs & Photos of UFOs taken in the South Wales area.

UFO seen in Cardiff 2nd May 2004 and 23rd October 2004 UFO REPORT by Jane McCarthy

The UFO photographs below was taken on Sunday 2nd May 2004 the first one shows a saucer like object in the sky in the South Wales area.

ufo2[1]   ufo[1]02

This UFO photo was taken five minutes before Chris, Dave and I saw a black helicopter approach the area.  This helicopter flew over our heads and I was lucky enough to take a photograph of the helicopter. (The full UFO photograph is not shown)

In the next paranormal photograph taken the same day you can clearly see a lilac beam of light. Look closely at the cloud formation in the background

light[1]   ufo7[1]

In the paranormal photo above it shows a close up of the object and below a cleaned up version of it.

ufo8[1]02This UFO photograph was taken on top of a mountain which overlooks the Brecon Beacons where a lot of UFO activity has taken place.

Although these UFO photographs were taken in May 2004 there is a report of a UFO sighting in October 2004 which describes exactly what you can see in the above UFO photograph. This UFO was spotted in Ely, Cardiff approximately 15 miles from where the above photographs were taken. In addition, information from witnesses state that this UFO was traveling north towards the mountains where the above UFO photographs was taken. This report can be found in web site:-

The following is an extract from that report:-


On Thursday, October 14, 2004, at 10 p.m., Mark A. was driving about four miles (7 kilometers) west of Cardiff, South Wales, UK when he had a most unusual encounter.

"I was driving along a fairly busy road heading west just outside of Cardiff city," Mark reported, "Something caught my eye, so I pulled over. I also noticed that other people, about 15 other drivers, had done the same and were now outside their vehicles looking up at what I just couldn't believe. At about 3,000 feet (900 meters) was the largest flying object that I have ever seen. Something like, say, the new Airbus A380, not yet in service, or a Boeing 747, that would have been dwarfed by it. The crazy thing was absolute silence!"

"We stood dumbstruck as this (UFO) thing moved slowly through the air almost directly above us. There was also complete silence from everyone observing this amazing event from the roadside. Other drivers were now stopping, and people were getting out of their cars to take a look."

"I am a pilot and have a fairly good idea of how motions of normal aircraft can 'trick' people into seeing a UFO. This was in no way normal. There is an international airport located about four miles (7 kilometers) west of the sighting site. My next move was to telephone the Control tower at the airport and ask if anything unusual had just taken off. Air traffic control said that a (Boeing) 737 had just departed a few minutes ago. This object was too big and too silent to be a 737. I then asked if they had anything on radar. 'Nothing,' they said."

Mark then called the Cardiff RAF base. "Again, 'nothing.' This thing was almost the size of a very large container ship. It didn't have any visible wings or any other way of showing how it could stay in the air. If I saw it on the ground, I would bet money that it was not able to fly."

"The weather was good with ten miles' (16 kilometers') visibility. There were light clouds at 500 feet (150 meters) and very light winds. I watched this object keep the same speed and height (altitude) and then it passed behind some mountains to the northeast of Cardiff."

Two days later, on Saturday, October 16, 2004, Mark added, "I saw a friend and told him about the sighting. He was almost speechless when I started to describe the same thing that he had seen moments after me. He had been out with a girl friend and was driving home when she spotted the object from her passenger seat. They both got out of the car, along with the other road users who had stopped their cars. Almost a reconstruction of what had happened five minutes ago (earlier, with Mark--J.T.), only it was happening now to the northeast of Cardiff city. His account is identical to mine in the size and height of the object, speed (about 50 knots--M.A.). I would love to know what I and everyone else that night had seen."

Colour/Shape: The colour is hard to describe. Imagine seeing a car with dark paint, dark green or navy blue. Then imagine it at night in a dimly lit parking lot. That’s about as close as I can get. It didn’t have any lights but somehow it really stood out against the night sky. It was strange. The size was close to a large freight ship or oil tanker. This is the hard bit, the shape. I can only describe it as being like the bottom of a boat. Sloping out from the centre and sloping out towards the rear end in a sort of V shape. It had very rough edges with different sized parts of tubing sticking out from the sides. - EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE UFO PHOTOGRAPH ABOVE

If the pilot who saw this UFO IN 2004 can get in touch with me to give his comments re the UFO photograph - I would be delighted - Jane McCarthy

Another paranormal photograph taken the same day:-

The following paranormal photographs were taken again on the 2nd May 2004 but on a mountain top in South Wales called the ‘Devil’s Tooth.’ Four years ago many witnesses confirm a UFO was seen hovering on and around this mountain top. Twelve months ago police cars were chasing a UFO and there have been numerous UFO incidents in the last nine months.

ufo3[1]To judge the size of the light you can see Chris at the bottom of the slightly lightened paranormal photograph to the left side The energy felt very high and strange at the top of the mountain. I always undertake healing and balancing of the energy lines - please see page ‘energy lines’ for details. I believe that this is the universal energy system and it makes sense that any visitors to our solar system would understand and therefore use this energy. It has been noticed that there is a lot of UFO activity around mountains and I believe that the reason why is that they are in a sense refueling - see the line coming down to the light source. Below is another paranormal photograph of a blue energy line which was taken after the healing on that day on the mountain top. Three different makes of cameras were used to take photos that day and all of them took paranormal photographs.

blueley2[1]  davejane[1]

The paranormal photograph above right shows Dave and I just after the healing and again you can see an orb above us. Dave Coggins has investigated UFOs in the South Wales area and has interviewed many witnesses who have encountered close contacts with UFOs which include one gentleman who went out into his back garden in Gabalfa, Cardiff to find a huge craft in his garden. The gentleman commented that he could have touched the craft.

There have been many reports of UFOs in Cardiff South Wales - another one in Cyncoed, Cardiff by Jane McCarthy

A lot of people are frightened of being ridiculed because they have seen a UFO. The next report involves a family I have known probably most of my life as they live in Rhiwbina, Cardiff. After the UFO report whereby a helicopter had to swerve to avoid a UFO in the early hours of the 8th June 2008 a lot of people in my local area started opening up and talking about their own experiences. I will call this person James as he does not wish his own name to be used for the fear of being ridiculed.


On a warm August evening at around 8.00 p.m. James opened his back door and to his surprise a huge UFO craft was coming towards his house. It hovered on top of his house for what seems to be a long time but James felt it probably was just thirty seconds. His mother was pegging out washing on the line and he shouted to her to look up which she did. They both saw the underside of the UFO as it was so close and James stated it shot off and disappeared as quickly as it had come.

James described the UFO as a dull orange colour - he could only see the underneath as it hovered above him. He stated that it was probably as half the size of our local park area. Chris drew the above illustration for you to get an idea of the size. James and his mother can be seen in the first house on the very left. The UFO made no noise and there were no visible signs of windows, marks etc. It was saucer shape which he could clearly make out as it was in broad daylight but he could not see the sky all he could see was the underside of the UFO. Dusk was around 10.00 p. m. in the August nights. This was in Cyncoed, north Cardiff and James stated he could not remember the exact year but in the 1970s.

Another lady was talking to her friend who also stated that he and another person saw a UFO the same week in June 2008 as the one chased by the helicopter. That incident was at 1.30 am in the morning as they traveled from the Heath area of Cardiff home again towards north Cardiff.  Unfortunately, this gentleman does not wish to be interviewed for fear of retribution but has commented he knows what he saw and it was definitely a UFO.

Front Page in South Wales Echo - Helicopter swerved to avoid UFO outside Cardiff on the 20th June 2008 - Report by Katie Bodinger

A mystery aircraft spotted in the skies today sparked a debate over whether UFOs could be flying over South Wales. According to some reports, South Wales Police officers in a helicopter gave chase to “flying-saucer shaped” aircraft, after it zoomed over South Wales. A spokeswoman for the force was today quick to play down the incident. An anonymous source said the incident happened while the helicopter was at 500ft and waiting to land at the Ministry of Defence’s St Athan base in the Vale of Glamorgan. The crew saw the UFO speeding towards them from below, the source said. “It closed in at great speed, aiming straight at the helicopter,” the source said.

“The chopper had to swerve sharply to avoid being hit. The guys said if they’d stayed where they were, they’d be dead – it would have been a direct hit.

“They are convinced it was a UFO. It sounds far-fetched, but they know what they saw. “These guys are hardened professionals and know people will take the mickey, but they are certain they saw a UFO.” The source added that afterwards it flew towards Cardiff and then headed across the Bristol Channel. The un-named source also claimed the crew could not see the craft with their night-vision goggles, but that it was clearly visible to the naked eye. South Wales Police Control Room Inspector Ann Johnson confirmed the air support unit had spotted an unusual aircraft.

“This was reported to the relevant authority,” she said. But she added: “In today’s skies, there are a large number of aircraft which come in a range of different shapes and sizes and in all probability, this sighting has just confirmed that one of these was in the area at the time.” But Terry Phillips, a neighbourhood watch coordinator, who contacted 101 about the sighting, said there was no doubt in his mind that the sighting was an alien from another world. “I have seen strange things in the sky over the years,” said the 64-year-old, from Pontcanna, Cardiff. “The government will always says it’s a load of nonsense or that it was a balloon. But I think it was something following them – something not from this planet.” MoD community relations officer for Wales, Peter Sinclair, said he was baffled by the incident.

“Nobody from the MOD was at the base at the time it happened,” he said.

Maybe this is just a coincidence but Reveal Magazine’s Cardiff UFO report with Chris and Jane McCarthy came out on Tuesday 17th June 2008 the same week as the above story broke. This report describes a UFO experience they had in their house. In addition, Chris explains the UFO he saw over Cardiff Bay in broad daylight.

article[1]When I first moved into our house in the 1990s we slept in a room that overlooked a school field. At the time, it was impossible for traffic to access this field yet one night, just below our window, there were three lights in a triangle formation. I called Chris to the window. It was late around the early hours of the morning. I have no memory of going to bed that night. The next memory I have is being shown what I can only describe as a video. My eyes were open and I was on the outside of the bed but I could not move. I will not describe all of what was shown but one part. They showed me a white object that looked like a submarine with black windows. It was roughly about the size of a small plane.

Chris is the biggest skeptic and likes to find another alternative explanation for our UFO sightings. On one occasion, Chris was working with two colleagues when an object appeared just above them. He describes it as a ‘hoover bag’ which pulsated changing shape all the time. He had no explanation and stated it was definitely not a plane.

Cardiff is one of UK’s top 10 places to spot a UFO - Reported in the South Wales Echo 14th March 2008.

Report by Laura Wright in the South Wales Echo 29th December 2007

Sightings of unidentified flying objects have soared in the last month, with at least two a week seen by airline pilots in South Wales. Dancing lights, large craft and mysterious flashes are among dozens of UFOs sighted above Cardiff and the South Wales Valleys in the last few years. And only four days ago, on the night of Christmas Day, a couple saw spherical orange lights in the sky above their home in the capital.

According to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act, the Ministry of Defence has looked into 13 reports of UFOs in South Wales in the past three years. Several other sightings have been posted on UFO web sites but it is thought that many more go unreported.

Martin, 43, of Riverside, Cardiff, said: "I saw an extremely bright light come straight across the sky. Then it faded out but it might have sped up. "It wasn't a satellite or a plane. This thing was not like that. The light shone towards my eyes then carried on. I'm curious, I've never seen anything like it before."

Why shouldn’t there be something else out there?

A Cardiff couple have reported an unexpected Christmas encounter with possible UFOs. Lyn and Clive Jones, from Whitchurch Cardiff, thought they might have spotted an elaborate promotion for the Dr. Who Christmas TV special when they saw spherical orange lights in the sky above their home on December 25. After discovering it was not a BBC stunt, the couple concluded their sighting could only have been UFOs. Lyn, who works for the research body Natcen, said

‘This isn’t something I’ve ever really thought of before. I think when you hear stories about alien abduction you don’t quite believe it because we’re taught to think logically. I am open to the idea I suppose. Why shouldn’t there be something else out there? I hope it doesn’t turn out to be like the film Independence Day though! I can’t say this has been life-changing but it is interesting.’

Like his wife, Clive, 48, a bath showroom manager, had never been interested in UFOs. He said there were three orange spheres which arrived from an easterly direction at about 8.45pm.

He said ‘The lights were so precise, all in a diagonal row. ‘They were there for about 10 minutes then one at a time they started moving away quite quickly, going up into the sky.’

Report by Jane McCarthy - 31st December 2007

After reading the South Wales Echo it dawned on Chris and I that this couple only live one mile from us. Another strange coincidence is that on the way out of Dublin, Ireland on our way to speak at the International Irish UFO Conference in September 2007 both Chris and I saw a small black helicopter chasing what appeared to be a formation of silver spheres.

helicopter1[1]To the left is Chris’ drawing of what he saw. We were sat in the back of a car going along the main road out of Dublin on Friday 21st September 2007. It was a clear day with no clouds and it appeared that the black helicopter was chasing silver spheres in the sky. We both saw the spheres flying in formation for approximately two minutes before one sphere broke away as his drawing shows. I felt there were more silver spheres than Chris has drawn but not many more maybe one or two and that they were slightly larger. I remember thinking at the time that the formation looked as big as the helicopter. The helicopter was not far off the ground and you can see that Chris has drawn in a roof to show how high it was traveling.

Another sighting of a helicopter chasing a silver sphere

llandudno_340[1]Ufologist Margaret Fry submitted the photo on behalf of the local family who gave it to her to investigate. She says she gave it to an UFO magazine for a photography expert to examine and enhance. He apparently concluded the object next to the helicopter was indeed an UFO as it was NOT a bird, balloon, parachute jumper etc.

Margaret said that the photo was taken on Llandudno Beach in the summer of 1998 by a couple and their young son who were watching a display by the helicopter from RAF Valley, Anglesey.

The film wasn't developed until two years later, in March 2000, when the couple finally finished the reel of film. The amazing thing is, they had forgotten about the Llandudno photos they had taken two years earlier and were using the camera in 2000 to photograph UFOs in the shape of white arrows they were seeing regularly over West Shore, Llandudno. To read more about this article go to:-

UFO seen by the side of a plane 5th July 2008 by Jane McCarthy

Chris and I went on holiday to Mallorca Spain on the 5th July 2008 flying from Cardiff Airport. Prior to going I told Chris that I had a message that we would be escorted on the journey. Chris his usual sceptic self looked at me smiling as if to say ‘here we go again.’ I thought no more of it until we were nearly reaching our destination when I looked out of the window and saw a UFO right outside quite close.

16_copy[1]I was speechless. For one brief moment I saw the UFO and then it disappeared. Left is a drawing of the star shaped UFO.

On the second night of our holiday we went to bed around 12.00 midnight and drew the patio door curtains back so light could enter into our room. We were talking about our day when we both saw through the doors quite close to our balcony a large orange light. There was no flashing to indicate a plane and it was too close to our balcony to be a helicopter. We both jumped out of bed and looked through the glass patio doors at the orange light. It stayed for approximately one minute then disappeared. Shortly we went back to bed and as soon as we did it appeared again. This time we watched it from our bed. I was woken up in the early hours of the morning and it was still dark.  Wide awake I was fascinated by something at the side of the bed and have described what I saw in national conferences and will only comment here that it was not from this earth.

Report in South Wales Echo 11th August 2008 about ‘Eight near crashes in Cardiff Airport airspace’ states that two years ago ground staff spotted a UFO. They originally thought it was a military helicopter but air traffic controllers could find no trace of the aircraft. To read that article click on link below:-

REPORT OF UFO Craft on the 15th July 2009 in Cyncoed, Cardiff, SOUTH WALES by Jane McCarthy

At 11.15 p.m. on the night of the 15th July 2009 Chris (aged 23 years) and Mike (aged 24) went out into a back garden in Cyncoed, Cardiff and saw what they could only describe as a UFO. They have never seen anything like this before. They were so surprised Mike drew what they saw and contacted me. I interviewed the boys on the 18th July 2009 and they stated that the UFO Craft made no noise. It was metallic and shaped like a stingray.


They stated that the UFO was the height of a helicopter approximately two to three times the size of a house away from them. To the left is Mike’s drawing of what he saw. There were coloured lights at the top of the UFO which were swirling and an orange haze around the bottom ring. The two objects were moving together and there was approximately 50/60 feet between them. The large UFO went first and then the second one went upwards and disappeared. There was no clouds. I thought of a balloon but Mike stated that in a cloudless sky they watched the large UFO disappear in seconds followed by the round object underneath. Both Chris and Mike stated they could only have had a few minutes watching the UFO in total. One fact they both thought was jump motion where the air is dispelled. Both have seen Chinese lanterns and agreed that this object could not have been anything else but a UFO craft.

I have spoken to the mother of one of the boys and she states that this is a genuine report. The boys did not know what to do about what they saw but wanted to do something as they truly believed it was a UFO.

UFO - CARDIFF - 2004 by Jane McCarthy

UFO photograph taken at a well known beauty spot in Cardiff. Both Chris and I have had UFO experiences. On one occasion, Chris was with two of his colleagues when he saw hovering close above them what can only be described as a vacuum cleaner bag.  The three of them watched fascinated until they went back to work.

ufo_copy[1]In this UFO photograph you can see a light in the left hand side of the sky. In the following picture is a close up of this light. It appears that this UFO came out of the large orb - if you sit back and look closely you should be able to see the round circle in the tree?

Below is a photograph which could be described as maybe dimensional and very similar to the above but this is the end of the ‘tunnel’ or ‘wormhole.’ This photograph were taken by The bardofely aka Steve.

orbinsky2[1]  orbinsky[1]

alien12[1]All photographs copyright Chris and Jane McCarthy 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010

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