orb3b1[1]Spirit orbs & orb photography Newbridge Aura Workshop - 27th June 2006

The following paranormal photographs were taken during the workshop. Below you can see several large orbs in the main photograph and close up of the orbs follow.

orb55[1]Have a look at the top right hand side of the close up of the orb below can you see a couple?  This paranormal photograph was taken by Chris McCarthy.

orb43[1]   couple

Above is a close up of the couple shown in the orb. Below is another close up of an orb showing what appears to be a building in the top of the orb. By the side is the close up of that orb.

orb3a1[1]   orb3b1[1]02

The close up of the building certainly looks like a castle. A similar looking castle is close to where we live.

The following paranormal photograph shows an orb on Chris who joined the Aura Workshop and by the side another close up of an orb taken that day.

Chris[1]02     face21[1]

The following workshop in Littlemill Spiritualist Centre gives an example of how you can raise the energy vibration.

workshop1[1]This workshop was all about how to raise the energy vibrations; where the energy comes from; dowsing; healing etc; The workshop started in the afternoon going into the evening with a clairvoyant demonstration with spirit photography.

Chris took paranormal photographs the whole time and the following pictures were taken during the workshop. If you would like a workshop on any of the following subjects - Working with the Energies, Aura Workshop with Self Hypnosis (this one is good for anybody with addictions such as chocolate or smoking), Past Life Workshop please contact Jane McCarthy.

LM6[1]  orb22[1]

Above is a close up of the orb shown left.

Below is a paranormal photograph showing a ball of energy in the lady’s lap and by the side is a close up of that ball.

LM1_copy[1]   orbinhands[1]


This energy ball or orb has been enhanced to enable you to see inside.  If you look closely you can see the faces inside the blue orb (above) which was taken at the same workshop.

Aura Workshop - Bridgend SNU

orb73[1]This aura workshop helps people to sense, see, and balance their own aura system as well as using the energies to help heal others. The paranormal photograph above shows an orb on a lady’s elbow. Below is a close up of that orb.

Bridgend2_copy[1]     Bridgend4_copy[1]02

The paranormal photograph to the right hand side shows a green/blue orb on the head of the same lady in a different photograph.

headorb[1]03Inside the close up of the orb you should be able to see crouching figures. This aura workshop started in the afternoon with a clairvoyant demonstration into the evening.

gaynor5[1]  orb44[1]

This aura workshop taught how to connect with other people’s auras. In addition to the two workshops detailed above the third workshop is ‘Past Lives’ in which you discover a way to find out about your past lives.

Paranormal photographs & orb photographs copyright Chris and Jane McCarthy 2008

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